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What Is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a method used to connect computers that exist in a local area network. Contrary to wi-fi, ethernet uses a hardwire connection via a cable to directly deliver your device’s fast internet speeds. Ethernet provides more security and speed than wi-fi because it has a lower data transmission time. Large businesses or individuals who run data-intensive networks commonly use wired connections.

Find out what is ethernet with Login.Connecting to the internet can be done in a variety of ways. Long before the days of high-speed wi-fi, computer users had to rely on dial-up connections for internet accessibility.

Improved Technology

Today, technology has significantly improved with smartphones being able to process data at much faster rates than even some laptops or desktop computers.

Wireless connectivity and networking protocols, in general, have advanced far past the days of dial-up. If you’re someone who uses wi-fi for any data-intensive activities, you may want to consider switching to an ethernet connection.

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