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Why Surveillance Cameras are Good

When it comes to the overall safety and security of your home or business, video surveillance and security cameras are a must. There are numerous and compelling reasons why, if your business does not have a video surveillance security camera system, you may want to consider it.

The Benefits of Surveillance Systems

Increased Safety

Video surveillance systems are extremely beneficial for preventing theft. If your company is suffering from theft or wrongdoing, investing in security cameras can help deter negative behaviors like employee theft and shoplifting from customers.

Not only that, but security cameras can also help you determine how your products or materials are being damaged. Once you locate the sources, then you can eliminate them and improve your bottom line.

Boost Productivity

Without supervision, you may end up with workforce that’s not as productive as it could be. Of course, it’s an unrealistic and costly affair to constantly have a boss monitoring employees. Security cameras can be a cost effective solution.

Security cameras also provide a chance to show appreciation to those who deserve it and reprimand those who need a firm reminder.

In addition, a surveillance system gives you a better overall view of how the workflow goes. It may help you identify where systems can be improved upon.

Protection from Legal Action

Accidents are a possibility in every workplace. In the case that an employee or customer is hurt, you want to make sure you’re covered and not liable.

Should anyone try to take legal action against you wrongly, you can swiftly counter it with hard evidence from your surveillance systems.

This is helpful in cases where employees take legal action against one another as well. When you can provide them with video surveillance, it can help their court process proceed more smoothly.

Peace of Mind

Having security cameras is a low-to-no-effort way of deterring people from theft and vandalism. Not only that, if an individual does decide to go through with it, your video cameras will provide concrete evidence of the who, what, and when to provide to law enforcement or insurance companies.

How do Security Cameras Work?

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras have improved greatly in recent years. Security cameras are more affordable than they used to be, come in both wired and wireless versions, and can connect to the internet so you can monitor your property from nearly anywhere.

A home security camera is a video recording device that captures footage of your home and property that you can view on a smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere using an internet connection. Most home security cameras are motion-activated and will record when they detect motion, as well as send you an alert. Some can record 24/7, which is known as continuous video recording (CVR). Installing security cameras can often be done yourself, making complicated wiring of old cctv systems a thing of the past.

How do Wireless Home Security Cameras Work?

Wireless cameras communicate via Wi-Fi with your router or the base station of your home security system. Some wireless cameras have a power cord, while others run on batteries. Some use a hub or bridge that plugs into your internet modem. Outdoor security cameras still use Wi-Fi but operate on their own network. A wireless surveillance camera will also use Bluetooth, but generally this is just to communicate with your phone or tablet during setup.

Public Surveillance Cameras

Public surveillance camera systems can be a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crime. If you’re operating any business in a densely populated area, a public security cameras are essential. It may also benefit those who operate in rural areas, where crimes like vandalism may go undetected.

Parking Garages

Public video surveillance is especially effective in places like city parking garages. Such a large amount of cars in one area is bound to entice thieves. Cars with unlocked doors or visible valuables inside are easy targets for criminals.

Installing public surveillance cameras can prevent hit-and-run crimes and other acts of vandalism inside parking garages. A good surveillance monitor can easily capture the criminal’s face and the license plate of their getaway vehicle.

In addition to public camera surveillance, a parking garage should also have plenty of human attendants. People are less likely to knowingly commit a crime when there are too many witnesses around.

Busy Places

Some wrongdoers may determine that it’s easier to get away with a crime when there’s a lot of activity taking place. For example, construction sites are usually loud and the workers are focused on their own tasks. It’s easy to steal equipment or materials when no one is paying attention.

Shoplifters also get away with committing crimes in a similar manner. By blending into the throngs of customers that frequent retail malls, they can steal merchandise undetected. Video surveillance monitors can record these events as well as deter potential crimes.

Burglary and vandalism is also quite common in large neighborhoods. Stealing a package off someone’s porch is easy because it doesn’t even involve entering the home. However, if many residents have security cameras installed, it will definitely make some robbers uneasy. 

Public Transportation

Trams and bus systems can’t always effectively stop crimes committed on public transport. The most common types of crime committed on public transportation are pick-pocketing and fare evasion. Acts of assault can also be committed against passengers or the driver, especially in cities with high crime rates. Having a video surveillance system is the best way to protect innocent civilians. 

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From traditional, local video surveillance, to IP systems and cloud-based storage options, the experts at Login Business Solutions can help you to choose and monitor the right video system for your needs.

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About VOIP Services

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of voice over IP (VoIP) as a way to save money on calls. VoIP lets you use the same phone number for your voice and data. This allows you to save on the cost of minutes and text message service and the cost of streaming video or downloading music.

And it doesn’t stop there. VoIP can also help you save on the cost of call center services. Using a VoIP call center can reduce your costs by up to 50%. And if you have an account with a VoIP provider, you can save even more by using their features to make calls at home or in other locations without having to leave your work area.

Cheaper Long-Distance

Among the most common VoIP service benefits is making cheaper long-distance calls. You can save money by not paying for minutes and text messages when you use VoIP. And even better, you can save even more by using a VoIP call center.

You’ll be able to save on the cost of calling products and services, as well as the cost of streaming video or downloading music. And if you have an account with a VoIP provider, you can also save even more by using their features to make calls at home or in other locations without having to leave your work area.

Less Hardware

When you use VoIP service, you don’t need to buy a separate phone or computer. In addition to the hardware cost, you’ll also reduce your total call time by up to 50%. This means you can spend less time talking to people and more time doing other activities, like working or watching television. VoIP can help you improve your chances of getting ahold of someone who might be able to help you.

Greater Scalability

By using VoIP, you can call people from anywhere in the world. This means that you can save on the cost of phone service and data and the cost of streaming video or downloading music. Additionally, VoIP lets you call people at any time of day, night, or weekend.

Free Upgrades

You can get a free upgrade to a new phone system when you buy a new phone, or you can get a free upgrade to an existing phone system if you switch to a VoIP provider.

Consider upgrading to a VoIP service provider to save on the cost of minutes and text message service, as well as the cost of streaming video or downloading music.

Advanced Features

VoIP offers several advanced features that can help you save money on calls. For example, you can use VoIP to make calls from any location, even if you’re not at your desk. You can also use VoIP to connect to other providers’ call centers over the internet and get the best rates. And finally, VoIP lets you connect to other providers’ call centers using your phone number. These advanced features make VoIP a powerful tool for saving money on calls.

If your business uses VoIP, the average savings can range from 30 to 50% per call over other service providers. At the same time, your business can save additional money by using your existing internet connection and phone number to get special rates from other providers. Are you ready to give VoIP a chance? Call us today or visit our website for more information.

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