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Video Surveillance Services

At Login, we understand that protecting your business and it’s assets is a top priority. Utilizing VALOR cloud-based video surveillance services can provide crime deterrence, evidence credibility, employee accountability, and more. Read on to learn how a simple camera system could prevent crime and protect your on site assets without the cost of security guards.
Video Surveillance Services in Tucson

Real-Time Video Surveillance Services

Experience real-time, controlled, remote access and alerts all backed by 24/7 HD monitoring. Unlike other security options, VALOR video surveillance is on patrol day and night, so you can have peace of mind knowing your businesses are always protected.

VALOR video surveillance provides months of video backup and takes advantage of the Login fiber network, storing files quickly and offsite in several locations for added protection. Though highly protected from unwanted access, our surveillance system still makes it easy for you to find and view any real-time video or recorded events on your own device, anytime, anywhere.


The Login VALOR video surveillance system is always installed and supported by a team of local experts who are committed to your business. Our team works diligently to ensure your system is always accessible and operating at optimal performance.

Available Features of Our Video Surveillance Services

As part of Login’s extensive state-of-the-art data center, VALOR builds on the latest surveillance technology backed by industry experts and local support.

Business Protection

Deter criminals by taking the next step in your business protection with security cameras. Most criminals will avoid targets with video surveillance systems in place; and if someone does target your business, you’ll have valuable video evidence to provide to authorities or insurance agencies. 

Advanced Technology

VALOR’s indoor/outdoor, vandal-proof HD cameras provide detailed videos while the robust software control panel allows for customizable smart alerts and notifications.

Peace of Mind

VALOR provides business owners peace of mind knowing that their valuable assets are under constant surveillance, with access to remote video surveillance and defense.

Our Service Pledge

Rest assured with the Login VALOR service pledge that 99% of all support tickets will be resolved in under two hours, the storage of your critical applications is reliable and maintains secure connectivity across all locations, network speeds maintain up to 100 Gbps across geo-diverse fiber routes, multiple data locations keep your information safe, you are provided with 24/7 video data security including video surveillance services and locked perimeter gates, and that you and your network will never be in the dark with our 100% uptime within our data center.

LOGIN Business Solutions

Tucson born and bred, LOGIN offers a full suite of unparalleled voice, data, cloud, colocation, and video surveillance technologies backed by world-class customer support. For more information and to see how partnering with LOGIN can positively impact your business’ bottom line in the future, continue exploring our website.

Video Surveillance Services in Tucson

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