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One of the most important aspects of running a medical organization is keeping data safe. With HIPAA and other data regulations, medical firms have to be especially careful with how their data is stored. We’ve employed multiple levels of security, including stringent access control utilizing both keycard and biometric authentication methods, a perimeter fence and 24/7 video surveillance throughout our facilities. With multiple levels of redundancy, security, and backup power, your sensitive information is safe in our hands.

Our Medical Clients

Valor Health
Genesis OB/GYN
HealthTrio LLC
InterRadiology ONline X-ray Interpretation

“We choose Login because of the excellent customer service, speed of service and professionalism.  When working with Login they make you feel like family.”

– Amy Strocsher – FNP-BC/Owner, Desert Bloom Family Practice

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Phone & Internet Service
Data & Cloud Service
Colocation Service

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