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Login Connection Hub

A Connection Hub is a location from which we distribute to other customers “downstream”. Rather than being at the very edge of the network, a Login Connection Hub is an integral part of the Login network and is treated as such.

A Connection Hub location may be a multi-tenant building where fiber is brought into one location and service is then extended to multiple tenants, or a single tenant building where service is distributed to other neighbors wirelessly from the Connection Hub rooftop.

Login Connection Hub

How It Benefits You:

Oversized circuits which allow for the bandwidth needed in your facility, as well as those downstream from the Connection Hub building.

More individualized attention. Login Connection Hubs become a critical piece in delivering fast, reliable service not only to you, but to others dependent on the Connection Hub.

Larger battery backups for longer runtime without utility power.

A second network path out to enable service to continue in the event the primary circuit fails (wherever reasonably possible)

If you would like to be considered to be a Login Connection Hub location at no additional cost to you, contact us today!