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What You Need to Know About Data Center Uptime

Data centers are an integral part of modern business procedures. They are buildings that store important computer systems and their associated components for businesses. To ensure a center is operational as much as possible, uptime has become an important goal. Let’s review data center uptime and its importance.


Data center uptime is commonly expressed in terms of four tiers. This four-tier system categorizes performance and uptime appropriately. Tier 1 guarantees 99.671% availability. Tier 1 data centers are susceptible to unexpected outages and failures, and they have to completely shut down for maintenance and repairs.

Tier 2 guarantees 99.741% availability. Tier 2 data centers contain components that help prevent disruptions, such as engine generators, chillers, heat rejection equipment, and fuel tanks.

Tier 3 guarantees 99.982% availability. Tier 3 data centers don’t need to be completely shut down when maintenance or repairs are required. This is because they utilize redundant components and distribution paths as well as tier 2’s useful components.

Finally, tier 4 guarantees 99.995% availability. Tier 4 data centers have independent systems, which act as redundant capacity components and distribution paths. Because of the isolation within tier 4s, they won’t have to shut down when an error in one of the systems occurs.

Understanding Uptime Calculations

According to, two nines – like 99% – means about seven hours and 12 minutes of downtime in a month. As the number of nines increases, downtimes decrease. Five or six nines provide a great level of service to businesses, with six nines meaning less than one minute of downtime per year!

Data Center Uptime Service Agreements

Service providers create Data Center Uptime Service Level Agreements, which cover all areas within a center and state their dedication to keeping the uptime high.

There are three components of these agreements:

  • Bandwidth services: Data centers that offer bandwidth services should offer a 100% commitment to data center uptime for this particular service.
  • Service commitment: Best practice in this industry calls for a commitment to 100% data center uptime.
  • Temperature: Temperature control is a crucial part of data center uptime. Service providers use sensors to control and monitor temperatures so they can be reported back to their clients.

Data center uptime is crucial for businesses. As technology grows to be more and more competitive, it is critical that these centers remain operational as much as possible. The best data center will aim for less than one minute of downtime per year. To learn more about uptime and upkeep as well as our VOIP services, contact LOGIN today.

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