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Month: September 2022

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Network Cabling Company in Tucson

What is a Structured Cabling System?

A Structured Cabling System is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates a building or business’s voice, data, video, and various management systems.

Cabling infrastructure is necessary for an IT network to function. Network cables, often fiber optic cabling, are necessary to connect and transfer data between computers, routers, storage systems, and other network infrastructure.

Efficiency and Functionality

The level of network infrastructure design will affect a system’s security and efficiency. Everything from data centers to a server room depends on installing and managing a functional structured cabling system.

Network cabling services are provided by IT professionals, such as those at LOGIN, who focus on running and installing cables as well as setting up the structure of your cabling, so you can focus on running your business.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Cabling solutions provide signal transmission solutions for each area of your business. From the building entrance to the rooftop to the data cabling in the data center, to access control in boardrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms, and even to building management and video surveillance system control rooms.

Wired vs Wireless Networks

In a time where it seems everything can be stored in a cloud without the need for physical infrastructure, why choose wired cabling?

Wired networks are typically more secure and dependable. When you are physically connected to the internet (not wi-fi), the chance of losing connection or experiencing latency issues is much lower. Even just an hour of downtime can result in a loss of $100,000 for the average business, making dependability and reliability a must.

Along with improved dependability is improved speed. Wired networks are typically faster than wireless networks. With less chance of interference along cabling, businesses can serve their customers faster and with a lower power output than wireless networks.

While the initial costs of installation of fiber optics and physical cabling may be higher, there’s a greater payoff for network cabling in the long run. Improved security, speed, and dependability mean less interruption to your business flow and bottom line.

Business Cabling Solutions in Tucson

Experienced technicians are necessary to install wireless networks or structured systems and achieve reliable, business-level services.

Besides providing supercharged network cabling and internet service, LOGIN offers Business Phone, Data Security System, Cloud, Colocation, and Networking data centers to provide you with a one-stop partner experience.

LOGIN Business Solutions

Our state-of-the-art Tucson data center is located in the heart of the city, so you’ll get ultra-high performance from our leading-edge technology. LOGIN is the preferred business technology partner Tucson trusts.

Our services include:

Learn more and find solutions to your business internet needs by continuing to explore our website.