Why Data Centers are Vital for Businesses

Data is the most vital asset of any brand, business, or organization. Many businesses are faced with the impending challenges of governing as well as managing data while ensuring all valued information is in compliance.

Data management is important for every company to help with business productive and agility. Additionally, Data center uptime is more generally expressed in terms of four tiers. Up-to-date information should be available at any time for a business. Let’s delve into some reasons why data centers and data management are crucial to the success of a business, brand, or an organization.

Growth Potential

One reason why data centers and data management are important to businesses today, is due to the growth potential they offer a business. Many companies are embracing data centers and the solutions they provide. Data centers further play the fundamental role of growth in many business ventures.

Given today’s technology and advances, many business owners have a keen awareness of their company’s inner workings. With quality data centers, your business will be able to leverage the scale and be poised to dominate the market with help from a proficient data center service.


With the amount of data transactions and accumulation in today’s environment, data security is becoming the top priority of every business. Because of security breaches, it’s become important that every business, brand, or company put effective and efficient systems in place so that information is kept safe and secure. Data centers can constantly monitor your information and help your business maintain security. Additionally, when potential security attacks or risks are detected, the data center will recognize it, address it, and protect your data regardless of any breach.


In many businesses—retail for example—performance and engagement fluctuate constantly. This is especially true during many promotions. The holiday shopping rush, weather, and even back-to-school time can affect spikes in retail sales. Data centers make those traffic upticks achievable and can even help facilitate a smooth transaction for customers.

Today’s data centers are the place for support for scalability–thanks to their ability to handle any changes in web engagement and traffic. With the correct configuration, data centers can assist with scalability without any interruption to service or the customer’s online shopping experience.

Round-The-Clock Support

Another reason to consider data centers is the round-the-clock support your company will have. Data centers offer many businesses and brands 24/7 assistance to customers including phone and chat. Additionally, data backup is also maintained and optimized on a regular basis, ensuring all sensitive information is secure.

As your Tucson, AZ data center, we offer you peace of mind as well as a personalized level of support as you operate your business. We also offer VOIP phone services, quality business Internet solutions, colocation hosting, SEO, and services that help business productivity. Connect with us today, and learn how our data centers will give your business the security it needs and deserves.

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Why Your Home-Based Business Needs A VoIP Service

These days, many individuals have turned their sights to building income and financial stability with a home-based business. Home-based businesses see little overhead, offer tremendous flexibility, and help with efficient and effective productivity. While a business saves between 30% and 50% VoIP service, entrepreneurs who run their companies from home can see tremendous benefits from VoIP. Let’s delve into why your home-based business needs a VoIP service.


While mobile phones and smartphones are great to have, they are prone to connectivity issues. So, for those times that your smartphone is not operating optimally in your home, your VoIP service will serve as a reliable alternative. Many homes are surrounded by trees and other obstructions that can hinder successful communication while talking on a smartphone or a mobile phone. Imagine closing a great financial partnership or deal, and the call dropping, due to a connectivity issue with your smartphone. There is nothing more annoying than losing your caller and repeatedly asking can now hear me?

Better Phone Call Quality

One of the most annoying aspects of conducting business is calling someone and hearing them in a muffled state. As a business owner, time is of the essence. When you receive or make a call, you need to hear the person you’re talking to with tremendous clarity. Thanks to a VoIP service and the ever-evolving technology, your connection will be so clear that it will be difficult to decipher if you are talking on a traditional landline phone or utilizing a VoIP service. Many VoIP services have even surpassed conventional landline services!


With your VoIP service, you can do more than just make and receive calls. Modern VoIP phone services incorporate various communication services. For example, from your home, you can receive voicemails and faxes with ease, take part in teleconferencing, add video conferencing, and more.

As a small business owner, you may need to discuss your business with distribution partners. What better way to discuss your deliveries than with video conferencing? Your VoIP service can provide that and more.

Thanks to your VoIP service, those all too important faxes and voicemails can be forwarded to your email. With your VoIP phone, you can get all of our communication in one place- that email address you have. From there you can archive, answer, and even forward messages.


Compared to the conventional analog telephone system, a VoIP service is far more secure. The VoIP phone has an array of standardized encryption protocols, helping to make your data and phone calls more secure than ever before.

As a home-based business owner, you want to outfit your office with the most innovative tools of the trade. Investing in a quality VoIP service is one way to obtain the efficiency that you need, want, and deserve. As your Tucson, AZ VoIP service provider, we can help to outfit your home office with the most technologically advanced VoIP telephone system. We can also provide a sustainable internet for businesses solution for your home-based business if you require such. Connect with us and learn how a quality VoIP service can help propel your company today.

Why Put Your Servers in a Tucson Data Center?

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Why Put Your Servers in a Tucson Data Center?

When it comes to IT infrastructure in 2021, the hybrid model is the preferred setup. It has always been hybrid with some software running in a cloud and some software running on corporate servers. The nomenclature changed, but the concept remains the same.

The proliferation of public cloud computing systems like AWS and Microsoft Azure notwithstanding, private cloud is still going strong. Private cloud has an array of formations – colocation, hosting or VPS (virtual private servers).

In a recent survey, it was found that many businesses use over 40 software applications. Some of that software sits on a public cloud or on a SaaS provider’s servers. For example, payroll (ADP), bookkeeping (QuickBooks), email (Gmail), file storage (Dropbox), marketing (Hubspot), CRM (Salesforce) and Office 365. Yet some of the software runs on servers owned by the business or dedicated to the business.

Where to put those servers?

A CIO at a brand name casino in Las Vegas said that the closer the software was to the customer, the more likely it was sitting on their own servers.

During the pandemic, companies were migrating to cloud – and in a notable number of instances, migrating back to their own servers. Normally, these servers will sit in a colocation space in a data center, such as Login’s data center in Tucson.

Why did they move back? Cost and Control.

If you are going to run your servers, where are you going to run them? Some businesses run their own servers in their office. In fact, a number of law firms did that before the pandemic. They quickly realized that the best place for them is a data center – in any formation – colocation, hosted or VPS. The reason being that the data center allowed for controlled access, five nines of uptime, and bandwidth. The bandwidth was needed to access the files on the server. Backup is another consideration that is easier in a data center than someone’s office.

Tucson may not be an NFL city, but it works well as a backup to an NFL metro – Phoenix.  Login’s data center checks all the boxes. N+1? Check. Power backup? A/B UPS and A/B Generators.  Multiple fiber carriers with multiple entrances as well as a carrier-diverse and geo-diverse fiber optic ring between Login’s Tucson and Phoenix points of presence allow for seamless realtime mirroring of your business critical data

If you are Tucson based, it makes sense to leverage the locally owned data center.  Originally built to be a TV station in the 1980s, Login recently renovated 80% of the building to create the newest datacenter in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona.

Any business looking for a secondary data center, especially those utilizing Phoenix, San Diego and Albuquerque data centers should consider Tucson. It is close enough to drive up if you want to yet far enough away to be a disaster planning site. And it has all of the boxes checked!  Call today for more information!

What are the Benefits of a Colocation Center?

A colocation center, also known as a carrier hotel, is essentially a space where you can rent equipment, space, and bandwidth. This means that colocation centers are essentially a high-end, arguably the best data center available. Colocation doesn’t just exist to act as a place to rent and keep this important equipment, though. Rather, a colocation has an extensive list of benefits that makes them trusted and highly valued within the industry. Here are just a few of the benefits provided by a colocation:

They Provide Security

When looking at what is stored within a colocation, this is expensive, incredibly valuable equipment. That means that this is equipment that can be targeted for one reason or another, both physically attacked and cyber attacked. A colocation provides security against these incidents. This means you don’t have to worry about anything being compromised, making your life much easier.

They Provide Power and Cooling

Data centers require a lot of power to manage. The equipment that they store there needs a fair amount of power to operate. That power is actually provided by the colocation itself. This is a major benefit to the cost of operating this equipment. When this equipment is being used, it tends to heat up to extremely high levels. This is where another benefit provided by a colocation comes into play, they also provide air conditioning and cooling systems to keep the equipment from overheating.

They Can Be Connected to VOIP

VOIP services are more accurately defined as VOIP phone services. VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Essentially, it is a way of delivering voice communications over various internet networks. In other words, VOIP converts analog voice signals into digital voice signals. VOIP is popular because it is more secure and allows you to integrate multiple systems easier than without a VOIP phone service. The cost of VOIP is between $20 and $30 a month, making it very affordable for a very valuable system. This is also a system that you can find at most colocation centers, adding yet another valuable option when you consider using a colocation in the long term.

There are numerous other benefits of a colocation that are worth looking into and researching because they are responsible for some of the best data centers around. This has made them an incredibly valuable asset to the storage and usage of this high-end equipment.

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4 Things to Look for in a Data Center

When you’re running a business, particularly a small business, it’s easy to overlook details in favor of the big picture. However, it’s the details that compose the entirety of the picture, and by missing a few key details it can quickly come apart. This can, obviously, be disastrous for a small business. So, make sure to pay attention to details like your data center, VOIP, and business internet. These are the types of things that can make or break a business, so it’s important to know what to look for in all of these. However, here are four things to look for in a great data center.

They Provide Excellent Customer Support

It is incredibly crucial for customers to receive from any company is excellent customer service. This is particularly true for a data center. Internet for businesses is vital to their success. This means that they need the best data center possible for their success. If there are any issues that come up, they need to be able to get into contact with customer service, so the provider can make that right. After all, why would you choose to go to a company that doesn’t care enough about its customers?

They Guarantee Your Resources

One of the most important things to get out of a data center is to have them guarantee your resources. In the case of the best business internet, this means that they don’t just guarantee your resources and usage, but they create a backup method in case there is a failure. A good option for this is to have a system that comes with automatic failover and recovery. For the best data center possible, this backup system of resources will keep you running as reliable as possible.

They are Scalable

One of the vital points that a provider should offer your data center is to make sure that everything is scalable. Essentially, this means that the business internet that you’re being provided can be scaled into a larger offering for your company. This makes it easier for you to grow your business. Without offering this scalability, you may need to find a new provider or redo your data center entirely. That can be an incredibly frustrating hassle, but it can also be avoided by simply starting with a scalable data center.

They Fit Within Your Budget

For any small business, it’s important to always work within your budget. This includes your business internet. If you go beyond what you can reasonably afford, you won’t be able to pay your bills and will either miss payments or have to cut corners in places. All of this will have a negative impact on your business and could even cause you to go out of business. This is why it’s vital to find a provider who gives you exactly what you need at an affordable price. Otherwise, you could be in long-term trouble.

There is so much to know about finding the right data center for you that you need to do substantial research to find the right option for you, like, did you know that data center uptime is expressed in four tiers? That’s the type of information it’s worth understanding before making a decision on your data center so that your business will be able to properly thrive.