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internet network available in all building with the help of connection hubs

The Benefits of a Connectivity Hub

What is a Connection Hub?

A hub is a cloud-hosted connection connecting multiple hosting devices to a central hub without installing a physical connection in each location.

Installing a networking device in each office can quickly become expensive. The cost of the fibre optic cable and required hardware alone can be a financial burden.

Utilizing a network hub device means that price allocation becomes about purchasing the right amount of connections to cover the overall bandwidth needed, rather than pricing your cloud connectivity based on each physical location.

Network Traffic

Handle heavier network traffic with less impact on speed and performance with a connection hub. Because a hub broadcasts data across networks from a central processing unit rather than using individual connections, changes in network traffic are much less likely to have an effect on your network.

Businesses may choose to employ the help of a network protocol analyzer for network performance troubleshooting or to enhance protection against malicious activity within a corporate network.

A connection hub helps to support networks and address many of these concerns by helping to reduce network traffic across any one connection by broadcasting from a central point. This in turn creates a more secure local area network with better overall performance.

Connect Multiple Ethernet Devices

Network hubs can connect multiple Ethernet devices by creating more ethernet ports. By connecting a router to a hub, you can then connect multiple devices to the hub. In this way, a hub connects computers utilizing direct connections and cloud processing.

How a Hub Benefits Your Business:

Oversized Circuits

Oversized circuits allow for the bandwidth needed in your facility, as well as those downstream from the Connection Hub building.

More Individualized Attention

Login Connection Hubs become a critical piece in delivering fast, reliable service not only to you, but to others dependent on the Connection Hub.

Larger Battery Backups

Larger battery backups mean longer runtime without utility power.

A Second Network

A second network path out to enable service to continue in the event the primary circuit fails (wherever reasonably possible).

Create Your Hub with Login Business

At Login Business Solutions, or mission centers around helping Tucson businesses grow into their potential by utilizing our technological tools to their maximum potential. And of course, we’ll be there by your side to make sure you reach these goals. Because we believe you’re not just buying a product. You’re buying into the people behind the product.

Learn more and join the Login Connection Hub today by continuing to explore our website.